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Ongoing course

OCHA and DisasterReady have worked together to ensure that OCHA’s partners can access this course through the DisasterReady Platform here:

The course provides an overview of the mandate and vision, core functions and objectives of OCHA. It targets all new personnel of OCHA as well as the partner organizations working with OCHA to meet the needs of those who are affected by crises. The course is organized into four units: OCHA mandate, history and role within the global context (Unit 1); the guiding principles, policies and commitments informing the work of OCHA (Unit 2); OCHA core functions (Unit 3); and the work of OCHA in key thematic areas (Unit 4).

The course is highly recommended for UNDAC members, OCHA Stand-By Partners and other operational partners as a stand alone or integrated as pre work into facilitated training, such as the UNDAC induction programme.

We take this opportunity to also inform you that the UNDAC Handbook is now available in Arabic language on our website here:

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