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Potato Sector Development for Emerging Markets

Wageningen University
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A historically important staple food, potatoes are gaining traction as a crop that also offers income opportunities for food processers and agribusinesses. The demand for potato food products in the developing world is increasing, and with that the number of people consuming potatoes worldwide. Potatoes have the potential to feed even more people in the future. In this course, we explore this potential, by covering the complete (seed) potato chain. We give insight in the latest developments in the potato sector and address the role of various stakeholders.

What will you learn?

Key course learnings include:

  • In-depth knowledge on seed potato production systems and their application in different agro ecological conditions in the world;
  • Broad expertise on potato varieties, breeding and variety testing (DUS and VCU). Quality aspects of seed potatoes;
  • Insights on main diseases and pests (and their management) in potato, with a focus on seed and soil borne diseases;
  • A look into the main agronomic practices (planting, fertilizer use, irrigation);
  • Understanding the importance of crop rotation in emerging economies;
  • Attention to the legal aspects of seed potatoes (PBR, phytosanitary regulations);
  • The importance of harvest, storage and grading methods and pre-planting tuber treatment;
  • An introduction to potato value chains & the business of potatoes along the value chain;
  • The role of public and private sector in the sector development;
  • Various practical demonstrations;
  • Various visits to Dutch service providers along the value chain.

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