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Rural Entrepreneurship Africa

Wageningen University
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Rural entrepreneurship has the potential to drive innovations that can reduce poverty, increase access to food and create employment. For this to happen, actors in agri-food value chains need to trust each other. However, local agri-food value chains are almost always characterised by protectionist behaviour resulting in very high marketing costs and a stalemate, instead of by a drive for positive change and development. This course is focused on breaking the deadlock these value chains are in and hands you the tools to do that.

What will you learn?

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Have become sensitive to imbalances within agri-food value chains and how these issues can be addressed;
  • Have strengthened your capacity to promote rural wealth creation;
  • Have strengthened your competence in the area of market access of microl entrepreneurs;
  • Have the ability to identify pro-poor, smallholder inclusive and/or gender-friendly agribusiness development opportunities;
  • Be able to apply the tools that support private sector driven innovations in agri-food value chains

Comment s'inscrire

On top of the page you can apply for the course Rural Entrepeneurship Africa. Depending on your nationality, your organisation and the type of course you wish to join, your eligibility and the application procedures may differ.