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Making Agriculture Work for Food and Nutrition Security

Wageningen University
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The world-wide increase of food availability, through well designed agricultural policies and programmes, has not automatically lead to better nourished populations. The COVID-19 pandemic is further negatively impacting the food and nutrition security situation in many countries. This course debates the nutrition- sensitivity of current agricultural policies and programmes and explores which agricultural pathways lead to food and nutrition security for all.

What will you learn?

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Be well acquainted with the concepts of food systems, food and nutrition security, (nutrition-sensitive) agriculture, nutritious foods, poverty, sustainability and their interconnection;
  • Be able to design and implement nutrition sensitive agricultural development programmes and policies to enhance the impact on nutrition;
  • Understand and apply the principles - ‘empowerment of women’, ‘focusing on youth’ and ‘nutrition promotion and education’ in the design and implementation of nutrition sensitive agricultural development programmes and policies;
  • Be able to evaluate the results of nutrition sensitive agriculture programmes for policy and decision making;
  • Be able to work within a team of people with different backgrounds in an online learning environment and implement reflective learning at personal and group level;

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