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Aquaculture Smallholder Business Development

Wageningen University
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Are you working with small-scale aquaculture producers who want to access inputs, improve production and connect successfully with more remunerative markets by means of collective actions? This course focuses on empowerment and professionalization of fish farmers’ business organisations, with responsible and inclusive growth of the aquaculture sector as main objective.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Global aquaculture situation: drivers, trends, challenges and opportunities;
  • Position of small-scale aquaculture producers: perspectives and challenges;
  • Obtaining the required inputs and finance for business development;
  • Producing quality fish and other aquatic products in a responsible way;
  • Creating value and access to markets;
  • Relations with public and private actors that have a direct or indirect stake in aquaculture sector development;
  • The role of aquaculture producer organizations in terms of service provision for members and business partners;
  • The challenges for the management and performance of aquaculture producer organizations;
  • Development of aquaculture small producer-inclusive programs.

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