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Contemporary Approaches to Genetic Resources Conservation and Use

Wageningen University
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Genetic diversity is endangered by modern agriculture and globalisation. Modern production and marketing depends on genetically uniform varieties that deliver uniform food products. In addition, globalisation has resulted in a high uniformity of human diets. Do you want to be updated on state-of-the-art insights in various plant genetic resources management strategies and its relevant policies? The this course is of interest to you.

What will you learn?

This three-week course is build up in three blocks:

  1. Plant genetic resources management strategies: current perspectives, concepts and strategies regarding the conservation and use of genetic resources;
  2. Genetic resource policy and management strategies: international policy framework (i.e. on the history and contents of international agreements), in particular on the CBD, IT-PGRFA, the WTO-TRIPS and UPOV, and the new Nagoya Protocol;
  3. Implementation of the International Treaty: issues such as the need for new or impact on existing national legislation, the relation to other international agreements, etc.

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