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Governance and Food Safety in International Food Chains

Wageningen University
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How can governments, producers, processors and other actors in the agri-food chain design and implement food measures to ensure safe food? In complex food supply chains it is not easy to guarantee an appropriate level of food safety, without complying with different kinds of rules, regulations and inspections. To deliver safe food as well as to create sustainable business, stakeholders along the value chain have to design and/or implement scientifically sound and practical surveillance, monitoring and enforcement measures. This course empowers you to assess and manage food safety throughout the value chain.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will:

  • Learn about functional elements such as standards and regulations, monitoring and surveillance, control management, inspection and certification, risk communication, and training and education;
  • Practice a step-wise approach to improve your own control system: benchmark current practice, identify local challenges and opportunities and design a strategy to manage the change process;
  • Develop skills (and confidence) to engage with others to bring about change in your own organization, major clients or other stakeholders.

Comment s'inscrire

Apply for the Orange Knowledge Programme or MENA Scholarship Programme. On top of the page you can apply for the course 'Governance and Food Safety in International Food Chains' using the orange apply button. Depending on your nationality, your organisation and the type of course you wish to join, your eligibility and the application procedures may differ.