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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Smart Revolution S.r.l.
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Why you should choose to invest in personal security

Developing, maintaining and updating the security awareness of personnel can enhance their readiness and preparation for deployment or travels to hostile environments. Investing in the preparation of personnel deployed abroad is a fundamental step for preventing and mitigating security incidents and for the duty of care of sending entities.

Course description

HEAT is a 5-day immersive security training designed to enhance participants’ security and safety awareness and enable them to prevent and deal more effectively with risks, challenging situations and security incidents while travelling or working in hostile environments. Participants practice and rehearse different types of scenario-based exercises individually and in team, on the basis of the realistic and original immersive scenario we have specially created for our security sector.

Course details

Level: high intensity.

Environment: high-risk and medium risk.

Language: English.

Duration: 5 days (from Monday at 8.00 till Friday 19.30).

Location: Massa (Tuscany) and outdoor training facilities in Fornovo (Emilia Romagna region).

Target: personnel from NGOs, International Organisations, European Institutions, private sector, journalists, and academia.

Content: the HEAT training is designed in line with the standard of the ENTRi/ESDC curriculum and Annex E of ISO 31030 on Travel Risk Management. Our training sector is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


  1. Security and Safety of Personnel Deployed in Hostile Environments
  2. Communications
  3. Navigation & Orientation
  4. Medical Skills & Health Maintenance on Mission, including Stress Management
  5. Checkpoint Negotiation (Official & Unofficial) Including Conflict Management
  6. Weapons, Mines, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness
  7. Hostage Taking & Coping After Capture
  8. Compound / Base Security and Drills
  9. Working with Close Protection (CP)/Convoy Security


Driving Techniques in Hostile Environment (urban & off-road packages)


A unique combination of self-assessment, mentorship, competence validation system, strengthens the security awareness of participants through a process of experiential learning, self-reflection and coaching. Participants practice and rehearse different types of scenario-based exercises individually and in team, on the basis of an original immersive scenario specifically created for our security training.

Safe learning environment

We provide a safe learning environment for the entire duration of the training, starting from the classroom and up to the field training exercise. During the training inclusion, open dialogue and interaction between participants are always encouraged and our staff is present to prevent and solve any possible problem.

Precautionary measures: during the field training exercise a certified psychologist and medical unit are present for guaranteeing the safety of participants. For those participants with minor health or psychological issues admitted to the training, extra measures might be taken for their protection. All participants are provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Focus on Covid-19 prevention measures

Trainings are organised in compliance with Italian relevant national and regional regulations aimed at preventing the spread of covid-19.

Información sobre tarifas

The course fee is 2.750 € + VAT if applicable (22%). It includes: - Accommodation for 6 nights (4 nights in Massa at walking distance from the seaside and 2 nights at the outdoor training facilities in Emilia Romagna); - Full board, from dinner on Sunday till breakfast on Saturday; - Transport during the training week from/to Hotel to/from training facilities, including the outdoor training area; - Welcome event and farewell dinner; - 5-day training including mentorship and individual coaching during the Field Training Exercise; - Individual online meeting one week after the training for additional feedback; - Course material and additional readings; - Use of sanitized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the training; - Certificate of attendance; - LEVEL5 validation of the competence of security awareness; - Insurance; - Our Smart Revolution Security gadget. The course fee does not include travel to/from the training location and any other extra not indicated in the list.

Cómo registrarse

The application procedure is available on the website at:

Individual participants can contact us to express their interest in participating to the open training by completing the form PRE-ENROLMENT FOR OPEN TRAINING. Once the application is accepted, participants will receive from the training organizers instructions for the finalization of the enrollment procedure and relevant information package.

Pre-condition for participation: prior to course enrolment, participants are requested to provide a valid medical certificate of good health for non-competitive sports or a declaration of good health condition, since the training entails a certain level of psychological and physical stress.

For more information you can contact:

Ms. Rossella Altamura, Director Smart Revolution Security


Mobile: +39 3314048291 (also WhatsApp)