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Result-based planning and management

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3-session virtual classroom training module to strengthen participants’ capacity in using the Result Based Management approach to design and implement effective projects and logic of intervention in compliance with EU requirements

Course Description

The EU, as many other donors, puts the RBM at the heart of its funding scheme. There are many advantages linked to the adoption of this approach, - especially in complex contexts.

This very practical and interactive course will provide you with a mix of knowledge, skills and tools for the design, management and measurement of projects and programs’ effectiveness.

You will be guided in the process of shaping your project idea, developing a sound results chain and identifying appropriate indicators and sources of data.

You will strengthen the capacity to establish links between PCM, RBM and ToC and become able to provide detailed and objective evidence of the achievements and the changes your projects/ programme contribute to.

This will finally ensure better quality projects and full compliance with donors’ requirements.

Training Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand the logic of the Result Based Management approach
  • design a project proposal with RBM approach in a clear and effective way
  • assess a project or program asking appropriate questions in order to improve its RBM design and its potential effectiveness and clarity

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