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Financial management of EU Grants: everything you need to know from budgeting to final audit

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3-session virtual classroom training module designed to strengthen the participants’ skills and capacity in financial management of EU grants.

Course Description

This practical overview covers everything you need to know about the financial management of EU-funded projects financed by DG INTPA/DG NEAR and the EU Delegations under the PRAG rules, starting from the preparation of a suitable and realistic budget. Find out how to prepare a procurement plan for the purchase of supplies, services and works in accordance with EU rules. Hone your knowledge and tools for monitoring project expenditure, ensuring the eligibility of costs and the collection of all needed supporting documents. Learn how to conduct budget modifications as needed during project implementation, and become fully prepared for expenditure verifications and possible audits.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Prepare proper and realistic budgets.
  • Develop and use monitoring tools for checking project expenditure.
  • Prepare a procurement plan and properly apply procurement procedures.
  • Prepare interim and final financial reports.
  • Request further payments.
  • Be ready for expenditure verifications and audits.

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STANDARD PRICE 500 € 20% OFF on 3 or more bookings All training materials are included

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