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Gender, Feminism, and Islam: Guidance for workers in the humanitarian and international development sector

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This virtual workshop will help international development and humanitarian practitioners recognize common myths and stereotypes about gender and Islam that are still very common in the development, humanitarian, and human rights sectors. Participants will explore decolonized approaches to the design of gender equality and gender integrated programs in Muslim-majority countries while learning from feminist movements in the Muslim world. All participants will receive a manual with essential information and a certificate to acknowledge their achievements in the course.

Why take this course? Much of the international development and humanitarian policy and programming that occurs in Muslim-majority communities is created by people who are not from those communities. Instead, it is often created by people from countries that have a long history of stereotyping and misunderstanding Islam. This is particularly true when it comes to stereotypes about gender, feminism, and Islam. If this resonates with you, this course is for you!

Fee information

We offer a tiered fee scale to make the training accessible to individuals not backed by heavily resourced organizations. $575 for institutions with annual budgets of greater than $50 million USD $525 for Individuals who are consultants and do not meet Tier 3 or 4 eligibility Individuals who work for organizations with an annual budget that is less than $50 million USD a year. Use discount code FEMINISM1 $295 for early career professionals, such as students or freelancers who are making a career transition. Limit 1-2 per training. Email for discount code. $100 for Individuals who are from a low- or middle-income country as designated by The World Bank on this list and who meet one of the of the following criteria: (1) Are self-employed and earn less than $100,000 USD a year (2) Work for organizations with a budget of less than $500,000 USD a year. Limit 1-2 per training. Email for a discount code. Discounts available for group registration of 5 or more. Email

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