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Health systems through crisis and recovery

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The Course is intended for the following main recipients: the Course focuses on health issues, but it is open to professionals from other disciplines.

Millions of people do not have access to health care, because health systems in many countries are either non-existent or dramatically failing. Most of them live in areas chronically affected by violent conflict or slowly re-emerging from it.

The volatility and complexity of conflict and post-conflict contexts pose daunting challenges to health workers – both national and international – who are called to rehabilitate derelict health structures. Lack of properly prepared professionals in this field has often resulted in reconstruction efforts characterized by weak analysis, little understanding, inadequate planning and poor implementation. This training programme intends to alleviate this gap.

The Course, held for the first time in 2005, has evolved substantially since then. It is actively kept in progress, by constantly updating its contents, introducing new study topics and materials, and inviting new experienced lecturers. The Course programme maintains a degree of flexibility to discuss in detail topics of particular interest to participants


The Course content is updated and modified every year. These are some of the main

topics regularly discussed:

• The conflict environment; international and humanitarian law; development, the aid system and its politics; aid management;

• Systems thinking applied to management practice, including information analysis, evaluation, sustainability and resilience;

• Occurrence and control of communicable diseases in distressed healthcare arenas;

• Health policy analysis, planning and financing in troubled health settings,

• Health-related resources: personnel, medicines, facilities, and their management;

• How to best contribute to the recovery of disrupted healthcare arenas sectors, through analysis, research, negotiation, appraisal of options, forecasting and implementation.

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The Course enrolment fee amounts to: 1.500,00 Euros for participants sponsored by any organization or by their employer; 1.200,00 Euros for self-sponsored participants and includes attendance of all the lessons, the teaching material and the lunch on class days at the canteen. An early bird discount is reserved for candidates applying before the 13th of January 2020. For early birds, the course fee is: 1.000,00 Euros for participants sponsored by any organization or by their employer; 800,00 Euros for self-sponsored participants

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