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Online Certificate Course: Adaptive Project Management for Development Organizations and NGOs

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Learn how to initiate, plan, implement, adapt and close a project that meets the needs of the beneficiaries and expectations of key stakeholders. The online course will introduce the elements of the project management lifecycle. You will learn the methods for the efficient management of a project using a phased approach, and the concepts and practices necessary for project management success. Register now and earn your certificate on Adaptive Project Management with a 20% early registration discount.

About this course
The course has a duration of three weeks. Each week, students will work on the activities and exercises required to meet the learning objectives. Participants require an average of one hour per day to complete the assigned activities. This course is specifically designed to focus on the practical application of project management concepts. Key topics of focus include an overview of modern project management, developing a project plan and managing resources, monitoring progress, communicating to stakeholders, conducting effective meetings, updating project plans and managing project issues.

Course Audience
This is the perfect course for those new to the role of project manager, and also for team members who want to develop their knowledge of project management terminology and procedures. Course participants include team members, program managers, project supervisors and project managers wishing to increase their skills and knowledge to understand the tools and techniques to manage a project. Participants to our courses come from various parts of the world, and they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that is shared in the course forums.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of the Adaptive Project Management, online course participants will: Understand the concepts of project life cycle phases and project management process groups and how they are different. Describe the project cycle and the management techniques required to plan, implement, monitor and close a project successfully. Identify the key activities that must be managed to ensure project success. Understand all the steps involved in managing a new project, from beginning to end.

Course Content:

Lesson 1 - Initiating Phase

  • The Project Charter
  • Analysis of Project Proposal
  • Getting Project Support
  • Project Organization
  • Project Office Setup
  • Project Kick off

Lesson 2 - Planning Phase

  • Planning Approach
  • Development of Core Management Plans
  • Development of Support Management Plans
  • Development of M&E Plans
  • Integration of Plans
  • Approval of Plans

Lesson 3 - Implementation Phase

  • Team Development
  • Work Assignment Matrix
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communicating with stakeholders

Lesson 4 - Monitoring Phase

  • Monitor Project Performance
  • Quality Control
  • Monitoring Risks and Assumptions
  • Monitoring Team Performance
  • Progress Reports
  • Change Control

Lesson 5 - Adapting Phase

  • Variance Analysis
  • Change Requests
  • Develop a Proposal for Changes
  • Adapt Management Plans
  • Communicate Changes
  • Reflective Practice

Lesson 6 - Closing Phase

  • Project Evaluation
  • Capturing Lessons Learned
  • Closing Contracts
  • Final Project Reports
  • Team Reassignments
  • Administrative Close

Participants that successfully complete the course requirements will receive a certificate of completion mailed via postal mail. This course is part of the certification program CDPM (Certified Development Project Manager). For more information about this program, please visit our website at

Course Requirements
There are no requirements to take this course, although the students will benefit if they know the type of work that occurs in development organizations and development projects, or had some experience working on a project. Students should have a good internet connection, Adobe Reader on their computers as well as MS Office to work on the course assignments.

Student Feedback

"This course(Adaptive Project Management- APM) is a must take for all those aspiring or in the field of development project management. PM4DEV has found a unique, efficient, and perfect formula to deliver all its courses. My every penny, my every second spent on any PM4DEV course was worth it!" Jeffrey Sama - Canada

"Change is inevitable, and Adaptive Project Management taught me how to better manage change within projects through processes. The tools learned provided techniques and strategies for me to become a more efficient and effective project leader. Adaptive Project management elevated me to a new level in project management." Pat Christian - Caleb Missionary Relief Services, United States.

"I appreciated the intensive nature of this course and was pleased with how practical and comprehensive it was despite being just 3 weeks in duration. I look forward to applying the lessons learned and practical tools in my everyday work, as I seek to become more adept in my ability to implement Adaptive Project Management. I also found the online forums stimulating, being able to share, compare, and learn from the experiences of colleagues from around the world." Joanna Fischer - Global Aid Network, Germany.

"I would highly recommend anyone interested in development project management to take this course." Tetyana Hoogeveen - United States.

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This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered to your preferred location. For further inquiries, please contact us at our email:

In 2013, PM4DEV became a PMI Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). It means that our courses meet the strict criteria from the largest project management organization of the world, and that increases the value you obtain from learning at PM4DEV. Your investment in learning is secure, and you can be certain that our courses have the quality you expect.

Renseignements sur les frais

Fee information: The course fee is $150 and is due before the start of the course, you can receive a 20% discount if payment is made one week before the course starts. Use the code 20APM to obtain the $30 discount. We offer additional discounts for groups from development organizations. We will close the registration one day before the start of the course. The fee covers three weeks of online instruction, a printed certificate mailed at no extra cost, and you will have access to the course material for 30 days after completion.

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