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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT / HEFAT / SAFE)

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Separ International
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SEPAR International delivers training that is designed to ‘Do no harm’. Do no harm is the guiding process of not traumatising participants and setting the conditions where stress is not excessive. Gender, race and cultural aspects are respected and integrated into the syllabus of the course.

SEPAR offers the following four-day course that presents a mixture of discussions, lectures and practical activities.

Training is very ‘hands-on’ with all instruction practically tested. The course encourages participants to debate any issues or questions within an environment of inclusiveness.

Participants will receive a SEPAR International certificate that is valid for 3 years. Our USP is that we offer a holistic approach to our training that integrates psycho-social care, digital security, gender, physical security and trauma medical training

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All course content, scenario transportation, accommodation, materials, lunch and refreshments during the training are included in the price - £1,400

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