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Food Security in Humanitarian Assistance - LIVE ONLINE

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Globally, more that 800 million people suffer from hunger. When an emergency strikes, ensuring access and availability of food is key to the Humanitarian response. That is why whether working (or willing to work) in natural or man-made crisis, Food Security specialists need to possess a unique set of skills and competencies to navigate the complexities and the challenges of assessing needs, designing, implementing, and evaluating a Food Security intervention within humanitarian action. From working a full-time dedicated Food Security specialist or simply being able to integrate Food Security in other interventions it is essential to ensure access and availability of food when responding to a Humanitarian crisis.

Who is this course for?
This training is addressed to professionals with a food security background and/or with a basic to good understanding of Food Security programming in humanitarian action or in development settings who:
• Are working or planning to work in humanitarian and development contexts and have a special focus or interest in expanding their knowledge of Food security and livelihoods in humanitarian assistance;
• or are already working in Food security programming and are interested in deepening their understanding of Food Security programming as well as learning about the most recent international tools and standards and applying their knowledge with a group of peers in different contexts;
• and demonstrate commitment to complete the 5-day, Live online training course and to actively participate in hands-on individual and group works in a creative and stimulating environment.

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Understand the complexities of designing, implementing, and monitoring a Food Security intervention in humanitarian action, as well as its fundamental concepts and frameworks;
• Understand how to plan a market-based response when planning food security intervention;
• Integrate the key Food Security Humanitarian standards and learn about resilience-building practices and transition to early recovery phases;
• Plan Food Security intervention and strengthening linkages with other sectors (e.g. nutrition, WASH);
• Apply and be familiar with the most recent practices, approaches and technical resources to build an impactful Food Security intervention.

The training grounds itself in the adult learning approach, based on experiential learning, knowledge and experience sharing, co-creation and reflective analysis, with participants playing an active role throughout.

The course will be delivered in Live on-live modality: it will use interactive methodologies and multimedia tools, virtual work groups, review and discussion of case studies, video and lectures. The participants will be provided with a learning package at the end of the course and pre-lecture readings.

The course is organized on five days utilizing ZOOM platform and it will include 2 hours of self-study and 20 hours of live online sessions facilitated by two senior trainers. Timing will be adjusted based on the time zone of the participants.

At the end of the training participants that have successfully completed the course will be ensured a digital badge through the international platform HPASS (

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Full rate 550 €. Early Bird rate 450 €. Multiple subscriptions can request further 10% discount on the rate. Fee cover: training, training material and digital certification issued via HPASS international platform (

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