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Management and Leadership

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About the course:

This course is designed to improve the leadership skills of humanitarians who are working in management or coordination roles. It draws on the latest research by authorities such as ALNAP into the skills required to be an effective leader. Sessions combine theory with practical exercises, providing opportunities for participants to develop their skills in a controlled environment. An on-going case study is used throughout the course enabling trainees to further practise their leadership skills in realistic situations, while considering the challenges faced by senior team members in a humanitarian emergency. The course also offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their personal leadership skills and outline a personal development plan created with supportive peer coaching.

Course content:

  • Being a leader in a Humanitarian Emergency

  • Leadership models and humanitarian leadership qualities

  • Power and authority

  • Strategic leadership

  • Relational and communication skills for leadership

  • Principled negotiation

  • Decision making and risk taking

  • Building teams

  • Building leaders

  • Coaching and constructive feedback

Who should attend?

The course is geared at managers, team leaders and general aid workers who manage people in the humanitarian and international development sectors. It would also suit people with technical experience who want to vary or expand upon their people management skills. This training is appropriate for people who are already in, or want to move into, a management role and have some understanding or prior experience of managing individuals or teams.

Fee information

Standard Organization - 900$ - Early Bird Organization - 750$ - NNGO - 460$ The fee will include workbook, catering, certificate, training materials... etc

How to Register

Kindly register to the course through here.