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Feeding Cities: Improving Food Systems in Urban Areas

Wageningen University
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The world becomes increasingly urban. In 2050 two thirds of the world’s population lives in cities, particularly in Africa and Asia. Natural resource scarcity, climate change and population growth pose challenges. Developing sustainable and resilient food systems in urbanising areas, using an integral perspective and facilitating rural-urban integration, is essential to ensure urban food and nutrition security. Learn the latest concepts, international experiences, tools, methods and approaches for food system analysis and urban food policy and planning.

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Get well acquainted with the concept of city region food systems in relation to food and nutrition security in densely populated areas;
  • Be able to use the concepts of city region food systems to analyse urban food and nutrition security issues;
  • Be able to use different designs, methods and approaches, and their interrelationships, in planning for food and nutrition security in urbanizing societies.

Fee information

Price 2022: EUR 4300 This covers the tuition of the course. Since this course is online, there are no costs for accommodation, insurance or travel. Scholarship is applicable

How to Register

Registration form can be found below: