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Climate Action for Food Systems Transformation

Wageningen University
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Climate Change has a negative impact on food security. Societies need to learn to cope with the changes predicted. That needs appropriate responses by government. However, in many countries the existing governance structures and leadership are not suited to manage climate change. In this course you will not only get a full understanding of climate change but also learn about its impacts and the adaptation and mitigation concepts. It will also encourage you to become a facilitator of change. It will strengthen your skills for stakeholder engagement, policy influencing, advocacy, and negotiation to help you establish more effective governance structures.

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Have a better understanding of climate change and its impacts on food security;
  • Be able to understand innovative practices for adaptation and mitigation;
  • Understand the challenges climate change governance faces and explore ways to strengthen it;
  • Be able to conduct stakeholder, vulnerability & resilience assessments to support decision making processes;
  • Have strengthened your skills for stakeholder engagement, policy influencing, advocacy and negotiation to help you establish more effective governance structures;
  • Be able to explore institutional arrangements needed for addressing food security and climate change linkages;
  • Have practiced to become a more effective change manager by applying social learning techniques and tools.

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Price for 2022: EUR 4300 This covers the tuition of the course. Since this course is online, there are no costs for accommodation, insurance or travel. Scholarship is applicable

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