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International Disarmament Law - A Residential Learning Journey 2022

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LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland

Master disarmament treaties and shape state implementation

Disarmament is integral to the safeguarding and promotion of security, development, and human rights. Over the past fifty years many multilateral disarmament treaties have been concluded and form an integral part of international law today. This course explores contemporary international rules governing disarmament as well as related issues of arms control, non-proliferation and international humanitarian law. It further examines the political, operational, and technical considerations which affect their implementation.

The course is based on modern tools and cutting-edge research on international disarmament law, policy and practice, including the new web application The DisarmApp and the book “A Guide to International Disarmament Law” (Routledge, 2019).

Fee information

COSTS: 750 CHF (includes all course fees, coffee breaks and certificate) The GCSP reserves the right to modify the programme dates, location and fee at any time.

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