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Coordinator in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) - Online Training with Internship

GNE Witzenhausen
Training date
Registration deadline

Association for Sustainable Development (Nonprofit Organization) offers the following training Date:

3th of January 2022 till 29th of July 2022; Duration: 7 months incl. 12 weeks internship

Target Group:
We invite graduates from universities of applied sciences and universities in the fields of social sciences, economics, natural science, humanities, engineering, law, geography, or with comparable degrees to apply to our program. Furthermore, people with work experience in Development Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid, DRR, or the nonprofit sector in general who is interested in professional Project Monitoring and Evaluation are highly welcomed to apply.
Organizations and institutions of international cooperation, development cooperation, and humanitarian aid/assistance looking for people who are not only competent in the respective project focus (e.g. economics, forestry, agriculture, gender, law, etc.), but at the same time also have in-depth knowledge of project management and are explicitly familiar with the outcome and impact orientation.
The focus of the program is the preparation of the participants for complex and interdisciplinary work in global institutions for development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, DRR companies (“Public-Private-Partnership“), and other international operating NGOs.
Goals of the Training:
In the theoretical and practical lessons, participants will learn how to use concepts, frameworks, qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation in the field of development cooperation (DC) and humanitarian aid (HA).
At the end of the training, graduates have in-depth knowledge of M&E with according tools and are qualified to write, operationalize Terms of References conduct an Evaluation, and submit a high-quality report.
Training Procedure:
The duration of the training is 7 months in total.
Parts of the program will be conducted in collaboration with lecturers from the University of Kassel and the CEval GmbH, Saarbrücken. Our Lecturers include especially interdisciplinary professionals from internationally operating institutions and companies to provide direct contact to the future working environment.
Basic units of the program will be held in conjunction with the participants of the training course “International Project Management”.
Phases of the training:
A: Seminars / Workshops / Group Work / Field Trips (17 weeks online)
B: Internship in an institution or a company (12 weeks)
C: Exam week (1 week – presence in Witzenhausen/Germany - if possible)

A: I. Evaluation (M&E) in Development Cooperation (DC) and Humanitarian Assistance (HA)

  • History, Theory and Methodology of Impact Evaluations (DAC Criteria)
  • Virtual Collaboration: working in international, interdisciplinary teams
  • MEAL: Development of Evaluation Designs, results model development
  • Planning and conducting evaluations: Data gathering, organizing and using

  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods in the evaluation (Statistical Concept and Research Methodology)

  • Indicator development

  • Implementation of Terms of References (TOR)

  • Evaluation Report/ Working as a self-employed consultant: Practical Exercises/ Workshops
    · Insight into current fields of work: SPHERE and CHS and HA

    II. Project Management
    · Classical Project Management (DIN 69901)
    · Budgeting, Calculation, Documentation and Accounting
    · Procurement Procedures: Tender Offers, Customs, Regulations
    · Management Instruments of DC (Logframe, Results-Based Management)
    · Participatory Approaches
    · Stakeholder Communication
    · BMZ proposals
    · EU-Projects

    B: Internship Institution / Organization / Company (12 weeks)
    Obligatory internship (self-organized) here in Germany or abroad. Also possible in Non-EU countries in Europe, North America, Asia, or Africa.

    C: Final Assessment Week in Witzenhausen, (alternatively online) ,

    • Final assessment in front of the examination board

Accommodation in Witzenhausen for exam week: The beautiful Witzenhausen offers plenty of accommodation opportunities for reasonable prices. The GNE supports a list of contacts.

Fee information

Fee: 6.206,58 € - The course fee includes all Phases of the training: A: Online Seminars / Workshops / Group Work / Field Trips (17 weeks online) B: Internship in an institution or a company (12 weeks) - Supervision, systemic counseling if needed C: Exam week (1 week – presence in Witzenhausen/Germany - if possible) Individual internship salaries can be negotiated independently with the chosen institutions or organizations. Payment in installments: 7 installments of 886,65 € each. Sponsorship through Education Voucher The program can be supported by the German Federal Agency for Work (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the Job Center (ALG I or ALG II through the education voucher Bildungsgutschein).

How to Register

Applications for the Training Program:
Please send a short letter of motivation (Email preferred) and your CV with a photo to Mrs. Viola Helwig at the following address:
No Application Deadline, lateral entry is possible by arrangement!
Please register for the information session via email:
Feel free to call us with any questions.
Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Entwicklung mbH - GNE
Steinstraße 19 (University Campus)
37213 Witzenhausen
telephone: (0049) 05542-502 917 0