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The Climate Charter – A Practical Guide Introduction: The Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations

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The recently launched Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations sends a clear signal that humanitarian organizations have a key role to play in addressing crises faced by communities due to the climate and environmental crises. We must be a part of the solution by helping people adapt to a changing climate and environment, while also increasing our own environmental sustainability. This needs to be a collective endeavor, as it is clear that no organization can tackle this alone. The Charter intends to guide humanitarian action in the face of these crises and their humanitarian consequences.

Serving as the starting point for the ICVA and PHAP Learning Stream on Climate Change and Humanitarian Action, this webinar will help introduce the Charter, which will serve as an important reference point for the rest of the learning stream. The questions we will look at in this webinar include:

  • Why the Charter is needed now?
  • What the commitments imply and the resources available?
  • How NGOs can sign the Charter and what their signature means?
  • What are the next steps to support organisations in implementing the Charter and to monitor progress?

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