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Protection of Civilians: From Humanitarian to Peace Operations

Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies
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The aim of the course is to provide a general introduction to the protection of civilians, with a focus on conflict and post-conflict environments. It provides insight on both theory and practical realities and applies critical thinking on concepts, principles and professional practices most common amongst protection actors in humanitarian or peace operations.

Objectives of the course

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the main protection of civilians conceptual frameworks, definitions, principles and related world-level policy issues
  • Explain where the protection of civilians lies within the political, peace and security agenda, but also under humanitarian or development action
  • Identify and analyse protection actors, threats and risks
  • Describe professional protection standards, programming/operations, mechanisms and processes
  • Distinguish and assess various protection field strategies

Structure of the course

  • History and politics of protection
  • Protection principles and operational realities
  • Protection norms, policies and doctrines
  • Unveiling evolving protection concepts and modes of action
  • Introduction to field protection strategies
  • Protection actors and analysis
  • Critical review of field-level protection action
  • Case studies


Around 50 hours of work for the whole course, including:

  • 20 hours of face-to-face teaching (lectures, case studies, group work)
  • App. 30 hours of self-study time (readings, writing and group-work)

Renseignements sur les frais

Course fees are 1,500 CHF. This does not cover travel, accommodation or living costs.

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