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Master in Humanitarian Action (MAS) - Blended Learning Format

Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies
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This Executive Master programme is a unique blended learning postgraduate course on humanitarian action providing current and future humanitarian professionals with the managerial, theoretical and practical skills needed to optimize responses to humanitarian crises. Term 1 is residential in Geneva, and Terms 2 and 3 are online.

Our scholarship deadline for the consecutive Master course is February 1, 2022. For info at: The regular application deadline is 31 May 2022 for non-OCDE countries / 30 June 2022 for OCDE countries.

Our programme has been developed in response to the growing need to understand, question and reform today’s humanitarian system, and it is delivered in collaboration with our partner organisations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The programme offers evidence-based, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural education in the field of humanitarian action.

This blended postgraduate course combines theoretical, practical and managerial skills in a unique adult-learning environment, to empower humanitarian professionals with reflective and critical analysis for a more effective humanitarian response. The course work will focus on deconstructing the humanitarian system, on learning about its normative frameworks and reflecting on the interactions and power dynamics among humanitarian actors. It will provide expertise in assessing methods, tools and approaches used to provide assistance to affected populations in different humanitarian contexts (including armed conflicts, disasters, urban settings and migration).

The Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action is a flexible and modular course, allowing students to choose from two options to organize their studies: either a 14-month consecutive course, or a flexible 2-3 year course.

Option One: Master in 14 months

The MAS starts in September with a first residential term (from September to December 2022), then it continues online (from January to October 2023). The next MAS starts in September 2022 with the residential “core course”, then continues with a second, online term, focusing on the quality management of humanitarian projects and the third online term is composed of five elective courses and it is followed by the last stage: a dissertation.

Dates for option One: 8 September 2022 – 31 October 2023 (14 consecutive months)

Please note that participants applying for a scholarship only have access to Option One.

Option Two: Flexible option (up to 38 months)

With this option, students have the flexibility to start the MAS with the core course (term one), or with any other courses that are part of the MAS programme. Students have up to 38 months to complete the 60 ECT credits necessary for the MAS. Possible combinations can be found here. The detailed study plan needs to be discussed with the MAS Course Director.

A printable “Course-at-a-Glance” document about the MAS (Option One and Option Two) is available here.

Renseignements sur les frais

The course fees are 15,000 CHF for 14 month consecutive course or 17,000 CHF for flexible 2-3 year course. This does not cover living costs, travel or accommodation. A small number of scholarships are available. For more information check the full details on the Centre website.

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Candidates need to apply through the Centre's application platform. All information can be found at