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Master of Advance Studies in Children Rights

Univ. Geneva
Training date
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Within the distinguished context of Geneva, the hub for children rights with the widest network of child rights specialist and advocates, the University of Geneva’s Centre for Children's Rights Studies offers the Master of Advance Studies in Children's Rights (MCR). The MCR is an interdisciplinary and international part-time two-years postgraduate master programme, which attracts a large range of graduate students from all over the world.


The MCR is designed for professionals who work with children’s rights, these may include: lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, judges, social workers, government officials, staff from non-governmental organisations, academics and journalists. The participation of students with different backgrounds and levels of professional experience in an interactive learning environment helps to foster exchange at both theoretical and practical levels.

Teaching staff

Being embedded within the distinctive setting of Geneva and benefiting of the strong ties of the UNIGE with the many international governmental and nongovernmental Geneva based organizations, the MCR programme exposes students to international expertise with unique networking opportunities. Lectures are given by international experts in the field of children’s rights from the academic world, intergovernmental bodies and nongovernmental institutions. The participation of these prominent academics and highly skilled field experts with various types of expertise and from different countries ensures multidisciplinary and cultural perspectives on children’s rights.

Study programme and venue

The programme requires participants to attend seven-week long modules (three modules will be delivered online and four will be residential) combined with completion of exercises and examinations based on the required readings. Students are also expected to write a paper, to complete a group project, to participate in an external seminar or conference and to write a master thesis dissertation. The modules are as follow:

13 – 17 February 2023
Module 1 (online learning): Children's rights and childhood studies

8 – 12 May 2023
Module 2: International children’s rights law
University of Geneva

25 – 29 September 2023
Module 3 (online learning): Child protection strategies and policies
Online learning

20 – 24 November 2023
Module 4: Children’s rights and criminal justice
Valais Campus - Sion

11 – 15 March 2024
Module 5 (online learning): Child labour and education

3 – 7 June 2024
Module 6: Children’s rights and migration
University of Geneva

11 – 15 November 2024
Module 7: Children’s rights policy implementation and monitoring
Valais Campus - Sion

Fee information

The registration fee is CHF 150.- The total tuition fee for the two-years Master of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights (MAS) is CHF 15000.- (approximately 13.730,5 EUR / 15.208,7 USD). This sum is for the MAS and does not include travel or living expenses. The tuition fee for a single module student (certificate of attendance) is CHF 2000.- The tuition fee for two modules with two exams and final paper (12 ECTS Credits) granting a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights (CAS) is CHF 5000.-

How to Register

Details on the application process can be found on the following link:

Applicants are required to hold a university degree (or judged equivalent), and are expected to have at least two years of professional experience relevant to the programme.

Applicants must have a very good working knowledge of English in order to participate actively in the modules.
Applications using the MCR application form should include:

  • a letter of motivation;
  • copies of degrees and diplomas;
  • a curriculum vitae that includes career details and work experience in children's rights;
  • two reference letters from people in a position to judge the applicant's professional and/or academic abilities;
  • the proof of payment of the registration fee.

The MCR Scientific Committee will examine applications. If necessary, they may seek additional information from the referees or invite the candidate for an interview.

All candidates shall be notified of the decision regarding their acceptance to the Master of Advanced Studies in Children’s Rights (MCR) two weeks after the finalization of the application. If there is disagreement with the Scientific Committee's decision, the applicant may appeal to the Scientific Committee, whose decisions are final.

For those wishing to attend a single module or complete a certificate in children rights, please contact Hortense Hofer 2 months ahead of the module you wish to apply for. +41(0)27 205 73 93 |