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Proposal Writing as a Consultancy Skill

Univ. Heidelberg
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Content Overview

This course provides practical knowledge and ex-perience in writing funding proposals, in developing essential global health consultancy skills and the do’s and don’ts of working in the international arena. It gives participants an introduction to consultancy and current trends in international cooperation and enables them to apply concepts and principles of proposal writing, development and design within the context of international health. Participants learn about proposal formulation accor-ding to the rules of an international donor and how to use analytical and design tools such as situational analysis and log-frames. The course also focuses on improving participants’ personal writing skills.

Course Topics
  • Consultancy and Current Trends in International Cooperation
  • Proposal Writing
  • Effective Proposal Writing Techniques
  • Essential Elements of Proposal Development
  • Proposal Formulation According to the Rules of an International Donor
  • Using Analytical and Design Tools such as Situational Analysis and Log Frame
  • Case Studies Gates Foundation and Global Fund Proposal Development Based in Low and Middle Income Countries
  • Criteria for Proposal Evaluation
  • Peer Assessment of Project Proposal Documents

Информация об оплате

\- General Admittance: € 750.- \- tropEd students: € 500.- Included in the course fee is a non-refundable registration fee of € 200.- Please register as soon as possible as the number of participants is limited. Unfortunately, no Scholarships are available. If the participant withdraws from the course \- less than 6 weeks prior: 25 % of the course fee will be charged. \- less than 4 weeks prior: 50 % of the course fee will be charged. \- less than 2 weeks prior: the whole course fee will be charged. The tuition fee does not include accommodation, insurance or other personal living costs during the stay.

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