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Humanitarian logistics and supply chain

Fecha del curso
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The entire educational activity includes:

  • online activities with live lectures (the lessons will be mainly in non-working days and hours, so as to allow the participation of working students)

  • in-presence activities for practical exercises organized in three or four intensive sessions.

The main strength of the master is the partnership between Università Politecnica delle Marche and third sector organizations, governmental organizations and associations operating in the national and international humanitarian context, like Think Global, Save the Children, Emergency and Croce Rossa Italiana.

The training course will take the form of a “Master di I livello”, so a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent degree) in subjects related to the master is required to access the program. The certification and recognition of training credits will be entrusted to the Università Politecnica delle Marche. The lessons will be held in English, given the international scope of the master.

The structure of the Master is articulated in a series of independent and thematically complementary training modules, flanked by laboratory activities, individual study and research, individual and group exercises, seminar activities, testimonials, case studies, guided simulations. The didactic activities held by academic staff are integrated by activities aimed at professionalization and operativeness.

The Master has a one-year duration, for a total of 1500 hours (60 CFU), divided as follows:

  • 38 CFU of which:

o 512 hours of frontal lessons

o 288 hours of individual study

o 150 hours of alternative teaching

  • 12 CFU: 300 hours of internship

  • 10 CFU: 250 hours to prepare the Master's thesis

The macro modules around which the master's program is articulated are the following:

  1. First module. Definition of the Setting

  2. Second module. Humanitarian Logistics.

  3. Third module. Humanitarian logistics: subject areas.

  4. Fourth module. Soft skills of the logistician

Attendance at classes is mandatory. A maximum of 25% of absence hours will be allowed.

The 300 hours of Internship are a fundamental training moment to be carried out within the same UNIVPM Departments, Public Institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations, where students will be able to put into practice the skills acquired in the classroom.

Información sobre tarifas

The enrolment fee to the Master is fixed in Euro 5.900,00. The payment can be made in two ways: either in one solution, at the moment of the enrolment, or in two instalments: the first one of 2.900,00 Euros at the moment of the enrolment, the other one of 3.000,00 Euros 180 days after the enrolment. At the moment, there are no scholarships or benefits. If/when public or private organizations will make total or partial scholarships available, immediate notification will be given on the website of the Università Politecnica delle Marche (

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