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Managing EU Grants under PRAG rules and procedures

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3-session training module to strengthen participants’ capacity to successfully manage EU grants for development projects.

Course Description

Discover how to manage EU grants according to the PRAG rules. Master the tools that will equip you to resolve all types of issues and challenges in the implementation of development projects financed by DG INTPA, DG NEAR and the EU Delegations. Become competent in cost eligibility, procurement, M&E, reporting and visibility. Ensure fruitful partnership and coordination mechanisms, learn how to properly deal with changes that might arise during project implementation and be ready for the expenditure verification.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Properly apply PRAG procedures concerning grants.
  • Build and manage effective project partnerships.
  • Set up and use a suitable monitoring plan.
  • Deal with potential changes that arise during project implementation.
  • Implement communication and visibility activities according to relevant rules.
  • Report on results achieved and costs incurred.
  • Be prepared for the expenditure verification.
Structure and total commitment time

By subscribing to this course, you will have access to a dedicated page on the PuntoSud learning platform. From here, you can join the live sessions, download the course materials and complete all the assignments.

The cOurse is structured in 4 days of 3,5 hours of interactive online sessions combined with self-learning. Total time commitment over the period of the course is approximately 17 hours**:**

  • Preliminary tasks – 1 hour – you will be asked to introduce yourself complete the survey on training expectations and go through some preliminary training materials.
  • Live sessions10,5 hours – 3 sessions of 3,5 hours each – the session will be facilitated by PuntoSud experts and includes lectures, plenary and group discussions, group work, quizzes and online interactive exercises. The live sessions will be recorded and made available in the learning platform.
  • Additional learning material1,5 hours – for the duration of the course, you will have at your disposal additional readings and documents, exercises and interactive eLearning modules that you can follow at your own pace.
  • Forum discussion – you can ask questions and share relevant information with the trainers and the other participants.
  • Final tasks30 mins – complete the exit test and fill out the evaluation form.

All the material will be available 7 calendar days before the starting date and until 15 calendar days after the end of the last training session.

Delivery modality

The course will be delivered through the Virtual Classroom modality. To learn more about this modality, please click on this link.

Course Agenda

Download Agenda

Renseignements sur les frais

Standard price: 440 Euro | MULTIPLE BOOKING: 352 Euro Cost include the access to the training course and all training materials

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