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Fundamentals of Knowledge Management (a self-study course)

Training date
Registration deadline

The course is designed to equip UN staff with enhanced skills in applying knowledge management tools and techniques in the UN context.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe a range of skills, methods and techniques to enhance individual and collective performance in developing programmes and delivering sustainable and effective results;
  • Give examples of how knowledge management can boost individual and collective effectiveness in their particular context, as well as from an organization’s perspective;
  • Identify “quick wins” and use appropriate knowledge management techniques to foster dialogue and collaboration, identify good practices and facilitate access to pockets of knowledge within their respective context.
Course Methodology

This course is delivered entirely online. It is a self-paced course that participants can start at any time and complete activities at their own pace. Once they have started, from the date of receiving login information, the participants are required to complete all activities within four months. They will be required to complete an end of course questionnaire to get a certificate. There is no weekly webinar in this course.

Course Contents

The course structure is the following:

  • Topic 1. A comprehensive approach to knowledge management (skills, methods and techniques);
  • Topic 2: Networks and communities of practice;
  • Topic 3: Capturing and sharing knowledge;
  • Topic 4: Developing a strategy to leverage knowledge to deliver results;
  • Topic 5: Leadership lessons and action planning.
Target Audience

Professional UN staff at headquarters and field locations.

Cost of participation

The course fee of $500 covers full participation in the online course.

Fee information

The cost of participation is 500 USD and covers all course content.

How to Register

Registration is open unti**l 31 December 2021** and can be done via the following link: