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Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

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Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

HEAT’s overall objective is to prepare participants to independently manage their own safety before, during and after deployment to an unfamiliar hazardous environment that has a substantial, high, or extreme Safety level.

The course prepares the participants to understand and react to safety and security concerns in hostile and/or hazardous environments. Participants will be trained to recognize and avoid potential threats and respond appropriately.

Participants will be trained to recognize and mitigate potential threats and respond appropriately to various safety incidents. During the HEAT course participants will learn techniques on how to take control of chaos through classroom sessions, practical exercises and live scenarios.

The course is designed for participants with a wide range of backgrounds and occupations, and with hostile environment experience ranging from none to significant. The course certification is valid for three years globally.

Course elements:
  • Mental Health and Well being
  • Safety Risk Management System (SRMS)
  • Personal Safety – Mitigation and Response to Threats
  • Safety Management Tools
  • Radio and Phone Communications
  • Travel, Convoy & Vehicle Safety
  • Driving in Hostile Environments
  • Coping with Capture
  • Mental Health and Well being
  • Negotiation and Humanitarian Access
  • Mine and UXO Awareness
  • Introduction to Trauma Management

Renseignements sur les frais

HEAT participant fee is $2200. The participant fee does NOT include the travel to and from the course. HEAT is a residential training, therefore, the price includes accommodation along with meals (4 days, 3 nights). We expect participants to be ready to start the course on the first day early in the morning and finish on the last day late in the afternoon, therefore we recommend that the participant arrive to the location of the course the day before and leave the day after. NOTE! All travel and accommodation before and after the course is not included in the price and it is the responsibility of each participant/organization.

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