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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

PMO Security Risk Management
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The purpose of Hostile Environmental Awareness Training or HEAT is to create awareness of how to respond to scenarios you are likely to encounter while working in a hostile or hazardous environment. Each course is interactive and requires a participatory approach. We combine theory with group work, audio-visual methods, exercises, and simulations. The training takes place over two half-day online theoretical lessons and two full-day in person simulations. In order to receive your HEAT certification, both components of the training must be completed.

Course Modules:
First Aid (Treat what kills first) – Contextual and Cultural Awareness – Conflict and Terrorism – Civil Unrest – Residence Safety: Burglary, Fire, Armed Attack – Driving & Transport Safety: Driving in Hazardous Environments, Checkpoints, Ambush, Road Travel Planning, Movement Procedures – Dealing with Armed State and Non-State Actors – Travel & Personal Planning – Abduction & Coping with Capture – Communication and Negotiation – Communication Skills – Mines & Explosives (UXO) – Sexual Assault – Stress Management

After HEAT, the participants will have:
Significantly improved safety and security awareness – Awareness of how to deal with being in captivity – Basic knowledge of using various sorts of communication and navigation tools – Increased awareness of driving safety and how to drive safely – Increased awareness of dealing with armed actors – Increased awareness of how to cope when under fire – How to avoid and how to manage if confronted with mines, UXOs, and improvised explosive devices – Basic knowledge of essential first aid.

Target Audience: Humanitarian Aid Workers/ NGO staff working in challenging environments

Renseignements sur les frais

1450 EUROS Duration 3 days How does this work: • The online component is completed over two half days. • Both theoretical and physical parts of the training is given at various dates; the participants can select any date offered that is convenient for them. • After completion of both elements, the participants will receive their HEAT certification.

Comment s'inscrire

To register for HEAT, please visit this link. Here you will be asked to fill out your name, organization, the dates you are interested in, and billing information. Once we receive your registration form, we will email you within two working days to confirm so and to complete your registration.