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Multi Media Hostile Environment First Aid Training

Silk Road Training
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Silk Road Training provides online, 360 degree and physically immersive courses that make life-saving hostile environment skills accessible to all.

We offer affordable, flexible, self-paced training that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with training that can be mixed and matched to individual needs. Our varied, engaging lesson formats ensure high knowledge retention rates and a high-quality learning experience.

One of our core modules is first aid, alongside frontline conflict survival, public disorder and terrorism, disasters and extreme environments and personal travel safety. The module is certified and if completed with all our high risk modules participants will receive hostile environment certification.

By arrangement, we can conduct live, scenario based webinars to confirm and test knowledge.

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Available in English and Arabic, the module price is £75.

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Contact admin@silkroadtraining.international with any enquiries.