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Disaster Preparedness and Response

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Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are to acquaint participants with:**

  1. Skills on how to identify hazards around them, analyse disaster risks and estimate the probability of occurrence of disasters,

  2. Expert knowledge of traditional and modern early warning systems for slow on-set and rapid onset disasters,

  3. Knowledge of scenario and contingency planning,

  4. Awareness of structures and resources necessary for efficient and effective emergency response, 5. Knowledge of humanitarian accountability principles and standards used in disaster response, and**

  5. Planning and budgeting and implementation of emergency response programmes.

Course Content

A Module 1: Disaster Preparedness

  1. Introduction and definition of terms

  2. Hazard identification, assessment, and analysis

  3. Participatory Approaches to Disaster Risk Analysis and Planning

  4. Early Warning Systems

  5. Scenario and contingency planning;

B Disaster Response

  1. Emergency Response Policy and Structures, Emergency Reserve Fund and Stockpiles

  2. Humanitarian accountability principles and standards - Core Humanitarian Standard, Sphere Handbook

  3. Post-Disaster Rapid and Detailed Assessments

  4. Disaster Response Planning, Budgeting and Implementation

Eligible Participants
  1. Disaster Management or Development practitioners working for the private, municipal, Government or humanitarian NGOs

  2. Project Managers/ Officers or field staff working in disaster response or community development

  3. Humanitarian / Social Workers or anyone interested in working in the humanitarian sector

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USD125 to cover online lectures, marking of assignments and certificate of completion

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