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Meeting the Cyber Security Challenge 2021: A Virtual Learning Journey 2021

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Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility.

Have you faced a cyber incident? Are you and your institution ready to face the security challenges of today’s wired world?

Today, cyber security requires the tools and skills to respond to evolving threats. The online medium has created a multitude of opportunities, but we must also analyse current and potential cyber security challenges. Cyber security today is not one single problem, but a problematique - a collection of challenges, none of which can be resolved in isolation.

Our highly interactive flagship cyber security course can help organizations, institutions and governments meet these modern challenges and minimise their impact. By examining social and political responses to cyber security challenges in conjunction with technical solutions, this course can equip you with the tools needed to face the cyber security problematique.

  • What is Cyber Security? A Socio-Political Perspective
  • Technical Foundations of Cyber Security
  • Legal and Political Principles of Cyber Security
  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Defence
  • Societal Impacts of Cyber Security


This course is intended for those wishing to extend their knowledge of cyber security as well as related cyber trends.

Regular participants come from a variety of professional backgrounds including:

  • Government officials (including diplomats, military officers, intelligence analysts);
  • Staff from international organisations;
  • Representatives from the non-profit sector;
  • Private sector actors.

If you work in an international or multicultural environment where digital security issues are a key part of your professional activity, this virtual learning journey is for you.

For those without prior diplomatic experience, this virtual learning journey offers participants the opportunity to work with senior diplomats at the GCSP to learn new and innovative methods to conduct, and contribute to, more effective and creative action in cyber security.

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COSTS: 750 CHF (this covers course fees and certification)

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