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Swiss Peacebuilding Training Course (SPTC) 2021

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Preparing for the Field


Preparing for the Field

The GCSP in cooperation with the Swiss Armed Forces, Swisspeace and on behalf of the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (FDFA) offers a 2-week course on peacebuilding for the Swiss FDFA Expert Pool and selected international participants.

Learning objectives

The course covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of peacebuilding. Through our comprehensive and inclusive approach to peacebuilding, this course is designed to meet the training needs for integrated missions. Specifically, the course enables you to:

  • Deepen your knowledge and analytical skills as you understand the interlinked challenges of peace and security within the peacebuilding environment.
  • Enhance your capacity to prepare and design effective peacebuilding projects and initiatives
  • Develop skills for your work in peacebuilding missions either as secondees to multilateral organisations or as an implementer of bilateral projects
  • Expand cross-cultural understandings and instill a greater awareness of gender considerations
  1. Conflict Analysis: Causes, Prevention and Transformation;
  2. Transition Management: from Peace Accords to Democratic Institutions;
  3. Security Dimension of Integrated Field Missions;
  4. Human Rights in Post-Conflict Situations;
  5. Rule of Law and Transitional Justice;
  6. Switzerland, Peacebuilding and the Sustaining Peace Agenda;
  7. Operational Field Training


The course is aimed at members of the Swiss Expert Pool and international participants with up to 5 years of peacebuilding experience, either civilian or military. International participants should be affiliated with government ministries, institutions, non-governmental organizations or traditional authorities. Applicants will be selected on a competitive basis and with due regard to ensure diversity and an as gender balanced group of participants to as possible.

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