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Multilateralism in Times of COVID-19: The Roles of the UN and the EU – Prof. Mats Berdal

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On 15 September 2020, United Nations University hosted “Multilateralism in Times of COVID-19: The Roles of the UN and the EU” a virtual conversation with Prof. Mats Berdal, Professor of Security and Development, and Director of the Conflict, Security and Development Research Group, King’s College London.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a tragic reminder of today’s interconnected world. The virus knows no borders, it is a global challenge requiring global solutions. Today, the pandemic represents the biggest transnational threat, yet nations are faced with many other global challenges – above all, climate change. Multilateralism is not only about confronting global risks; it is also about identifying global opportunities. In the COVID context, the discussion focuses on “building back better”, or the need to shape more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable societies. What is the role of international organisations like the United Nations, or regional organisations like the European Union, in times of crisis? What is the future of multilateralism at a time of challenged global trade, rising nationalism, and military build-up?

Prof. Berdal joined UNU Executive Officer Dr. Sabine Becker-Thierry to discuss the future of multilateralism in the time of COVID-19, in relation to the UN and the EU.

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Watch the recording at https://youtu.be/g2AMHFwu8hU