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Master Your Virtual Interview

Formation en cours

In this 33-minute curriculum, comprised of nine short online courses, you will learn how to present your best self in a digital or virtual interview including setting up your interview space, overcoming technology challenges, live and recorded video presentation techniques and more.

Microlearning Courses:

  • Build Your Virtual Interview Space (5 min)
  • Polish Your Digital Presence (3 min)
  • Overcome Technical Issues (3 min)
  • Practice Setting Up Your Virtual Interview Station (4 min)
  • Follow Digital Interview Best Practices (3 min)
  • Develop Digital Executive Presence (3 min)
  • Present Your Work in a Digital Space Effectively (3 min)
  • Ace a Self-Recorded Digital Interview (4 min)
  • Practice Performing a One-Way Digital Interview (5 min)

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