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Mixed Methods in International Health Research

Univ. Heidelberg
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Content Overview

Research in international health is becoming increasingly complex, requiring scientists to move away from the traditional quantitative vs. qualitative methodological dichotomy.
This traditional dichotomy has proved no longer to be the most effective in providing answers to the public health problems emerging both in high income and low and middle income countries.
Mixed methods research represents an opportunity to build on the specific strengths of quantitative and qualitative research methods to foster synergies between the two which may allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the problems at stake.

Course Topics
  • Analytical appraisal of quantitative and qualitative methods as applied in different areas of research in international health
  • Theory and practice of mixing quantitative & qualitative research methods: answering questions why? What? When? How?
  • Controversial aspect of using mixed methods in international health research
  • Personal skills development in the application of mixed methods research both in high and low and middle income countries
  • Case studies of mixed methods research in the fields of malaria control, HIV/AIDS, health financing, women’s health, and clinical management
  • Planning, designing, and writing an individual mixed methods research protocol suitable for grant application
  • Overview of epistemology of research with an emphasis on the critical assessment of theories on how knowledge is generated and retained

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\- General Admittance: € 1.500.- \- tropEd students: € 1.000.- Included in the course fee is a non-refundable registration fee of € 200.- Please register as soon as possible as the number of participants is limited. Unfortunately, no Scholarships are available. If the participant withdraws from the course \- less than 6 weeks prior: 25 % of the course fee will be charged. \- less than 4 weeks prior: 50 % of the course fee will be charged. \- less than 2 weeks prior: the whole course fee will be charged. The tuition fee does not include accommodation, insurance or other personal living costs during the stay.

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