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Facing the NCD Epidemic in Low and Middle Income Countries: From Data to Service Delivery

Univ. Heidelberg
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Content Overview

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease are the major non-communicable diseases (NCD) which account for about 70% of all deaths worldwide. This NCD burden is not restricted to high income countries anymore. Nowadays, almost 75% of the global NCD deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). More and more LMICs are facing major changes in their disease pattern. The improving control of infectious diseases results in a higher life expectancy which together with rapid lifestyle changes leads to an increase of chronic conditions and diseases. This transition bears extreme challenges for health policy and the health systems. Prevention and service delivery are key to address the NCD burden especially in LMICs.

Course Topics
  • Situational analysis of NCD burden and trends (including risk factors) in the home countries of the participants (theory and practical)
  • Comparison of international guidelines and national NCD strategic plans and the status of transfer into practice (exemplary on one/two specific NCD aspect(s))
  • NCD and human and financial resources, NCD financing
  • Three pillars of NCD service delivery: capacity building, NCD services, NCD data generation (availability and quality)
  • implementation/integration strategies
  • Best practice examples

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