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Unleashing your inner leader: learning to lead from wherever you are

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Do you work with a number of team members and other stakeholders, but have trouble getting the best out of everyone to make change happen?

Are you working with team members remotely and want to improve how you work with them?

Bored of having meetings on risk and compliance tasks*, and looking to discuss deeper levels of leadership?*

What does the workshop cover?
‘Covers skills that are not normally discussed in the aid sector’

We will help you to solve your own gaps and challenges. You will also:

  • Practically engage in coaching and supporting each other to grow
  • Grasp different worldviews – helping you to work even better with others
  • Learn how you can get buy-in from stakeholders
  • Work through decision-making processes

The workshop will also be a place to relax, feel safe and be able to share – we’re going to use a scary word in the aid sector – vulnerable.

How is the workshop structured?

We use our tried-and-tested (and fun!) engagement techniques to ensure we go beyond learning facts – there will be no PowerPoint presentations!

You will dig deep and learn by doing. The workshop will include weekly tasks to complete, group discussions, individual coaching, and an online discussion platform. This is an inclusive workshop and you can participate from anywhere in the world!

The programme involves about three hours work per week (more for those who have time), including a one hour Zoom call on Tuesdays at 3pm GMT. It’s really important that everyone makes this call every week.

Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is perfect for anyone across the globe. If you are newly managing projects or people, or engaging with clients, other leaders and communities – this workshop will provide you with key skills to help you excel. If there are members of your team that you see as a leader – this is a for them.

What will happen after the course?

A unique closed (confidential) community will be created for each cohort, allowing a deeper level of interaction and establishing stronger connections across the globe.

Who are the facilitators?

We want to facilitate your journey – that’s the important part, and something we have bundles of experience in. Here’s a more traditional blurb:

Mo Ali ( will lead the facilitation. Mo has worked in the aid sector for over 15 years, often as a team leader or ‘adviser’. He doesn’t like being called either, as really his role has been to facilitate change. Mo focuses on facilitation not advice, and listening not telling. He has been a coach and facilitator for alumni of Akimbo workshops – cutting edge online workshops in the private sector for which he has a lot to thank for showing him a different way of working.

Beez Fedia ( is a user experience expert and a serial entrepreneur. He focuses on empowering clients in improving user experience. Beez has over 15 years’ experience working in the private sector, for start-ups and helping social entrepreneurs on their journeys. Beez will be one of the key coaches facilitating your team’s individual journey.

We’ll also bring in a number of coaches to facilitate one to one sessions with each participant (the bigger the group – the more coaches).

Fee information

Exclusive price of $99.99 USD (plus $19.99 tax).

How to Register

What are my next steps?

If you need more information email us at

If you are ready to take the leap and sign up – go to The Innovation website: