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Introducing International Development Management - Free Course

Humanitarian Training
Ongoing course

Development is a phenomenon with a pedigree stretching back over 200 years, rather than the period since the Second World War and the beginnings of decolonisation as is generally conceived.

This course, which is broken down into five main sections, focuses on different elements of development. Section 2 examines the context and practice of development and different conceptualisations of poverty..The next section examines the actors and structures of development, and specifically the ‘management’ of development processes. The institutions of development are the focus of Section 4, with a focus on inter-organisational relations and negotiation of development actors. The final section focuses on development in difficult contexts – specifically development interventions, such as peacebuilding, in the context of violent conflict.

This Free course gives access to students for 365 days so that you can explore each section at your own pace.

There is an optional completion certificate available for only €19.99.

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