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COVID-19 and Localisation: Shifting the power, or shifting the risk?

Centre for Humanitarian Leadership
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This is the first session of the No Safe Space: Crisis Response in COVID-19 online forum series presented by the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, ACFID and HAG, and co-hosted by PIANGO, Adeso and SEJAJAR (the Pujiono Centre, Oxfam Indonesia and MDMC).

Given restrictions on travel and mobility, local and national humanitarian actors are on the frontline of the COVID-19 response, operating in areas where risks are highest. During this response there has been a necessary transfer of implementation responsibility to local and national actors, in contrast to the usual ‘surge’ of international staff in a crisis response. However, the question remains whether ownership, leadership and resources have also been transferred to local and national actors, or if only a delegation of responsibility and risk has occurred.

Facilitated by the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership's Dr Phil Connors, guest speakers include:

Degan Ali, Executive Director, Adeso, Kenya

Dr Puji Pujiono Senior Advisor, Pujiono Centre, Indonesia

Siale Ilolahia, Executive Director, PIANGO

Dino Argianto, Oxfam Indonesia

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