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Essentials of Humanitarian Practice

RedR India
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About the Course

The course blends key aspects of theory and practice of humanitarian work and approaches. The course involves case studies and simulation and provides a sound understanding of disasters, conflicts, humanitarian principles along with programme actions; all of which are critical to effective humanitarian action and risk reduction work. This 5-day Training on Essentials of Humanitarian Practice course is conducted globally by members of RedR International.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the global trends in the occurrence and geographical distribution of disasters and their impact along with major actors, their mandates and their significance.
  • Understand various international legal instruments that led to the formulation of the code of conduct and accountability frameworks.
  • Describe the existing coordination system/mechanisms among the humanitarian actors. Explain the essentials and key functionality of needs assessment in emergencies.
  • Understanding the integration of Cross-cutting themes into needs assessment and analysis, and all subsequent stages of the project cycle.
  • Describe in detail the significance of the integrated (multi-sectoral approach) programme and the phased approach in designing a humanitarian/emergency response.
  • Explain the present security scenario in humanitarian situations also personal level preparedness

Course Content - Summary

  • Introduction to the disaster response context and humanitarianism, including its basic codes and standards.
  • Examining individual motivation for joining a humanitarian response.
  • Individual Preparedness for Disaster Response and Coordination – Working with multiple actors and communicating with different actors.
  • Creating and Operating Teams in Emergencies as well as Personal and Team Security in Emergencies and focusing on impact and dilemmas of relief work.
  • Need Assessment for Multi-Sectoral Disaster Response Programmatic Approaches during Emergency Response and Risk Reduction phase.
  • Project Planning and Management in Disasters and Risk Reduction, Monitoring and Evaluation in Disasters,
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Disaster Response and Managing Relief Distribution.
  • Personal well-being and the realities, perspectives of relief workers upon return from missions.

Course Methodology

Throughout this training, the emphasis is on active learning through participatory group exercises, case studies and scenarios, demonstrations, and focused discussions. All RedR India training modules are planned and presented in collaboration with relief agencies and specialist organizations. The informal exchange of experience is a vital part of every course. Trainers with vast experience in relief work and humanitarian sector are a part of the training team.

Who can participate?

Individuals with skills to work in humanitarian action and those interested in working in the Humanitarian Sector. Individuals recently joined the Humanitarian Sector and looking for a sound introduction to the sector; Staff of national organizations, humanitarian aid organizations, governments, UN agencies. Staff and individual development practitioners seeking to work and/or understand humanitarian action and programming.

Fee information

*RESIDENTIAL- ₹55000 / $785 APPROX **NON-RESIDENTIAL- ₹30000/ $428 APPROX *Includes tuition fee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments during training and shared accommodation (room to be shared by two participants). **Includes tuition fee, lunch and refreshments during training. The course fee is inclusive of applicable taxes in India. Base currency for RedR India is INR. All the billing will be in INR, with equivalent USD / GBP or other currency rate prevailing at the time of billing being applicable. Single occupancy rooms can be made available on request and with additional cost. For any other query or support, kindly write to us at

How to Register

To register for this course, please click the participant registration form. Your registration will be confirmed on receipt of the completed form and course fee. If you have any queries regarding the training or you face any difficulty in filling the registration form, please write to us at or you can call us directly on our office phone number - 91- 7028198901.