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Weapons Law and the Legal Review of Weapons 2020: A Virtual Learning Journey

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Master legal reviews of weapons

States have a legal obligation to ensure that the weapons that are newly developed, manufactured or produced for their own armed forces are compliant with international law.

On this learning journey you will build capacity to comply with weapons law and conduct legal review of weapons. You will engage with your peers through an interactive online platform and enjoy discussion with participants and experts. It means that on this journey, together we will:

  • Discover: explore the current challenges in conducting legal review of weapons;
  • Connect the Dots: learn about international law on regulating weapons, general principles, existing treaty obligations and procedures to assess the legality of new weapons; engage in practical exercises and conversation with leading academics and practitioners;
  • Achieve Impact: use your skills and knowledge to make a difference in your work and life.
Participants on this virtual learning journey will:
  • Understand international obligations currently applicable to States in the weapons’ domain;
  • Better advise their Governments on the development or acquisition of new weapons;
  • Effectively conduct a legal review of weapons;
  • Develop new ideas for diplomatic initiatives related to weapons;
  • More wisely argue when communicating on weapons-related issues with governmental officials;
  • Efficiently start a new governmental position in the field of international humanitarian law.


The course is designed for lawyers, diplomats and other officials, either currently involved or likely to be involved in legal weapons reviews and/or other weapons-related issues. It does not assume any particular knowledge of, or previous experience in international law or the law of armed conflict.

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