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Air and Missile Warfare: Navigating the Legal Dimension (Advanced AMPLE)

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Know the norms and master their implications

Modern air and missile warfare, including the use of drones and autonomous systems, is not fought in a legal vacuum. Adherence to relevant legal norms has strategic ramifications for armed forces, commanders and operators. This course covers the legal dimension of air and missile warfare, enabling military and civilian professionals to effectively plan and conduct air and missile operations. It also prepares participants to instruct and train others.

Who should attend

This course is designed for: operators, commanders, instructors, lawyers, intelligence officers, policymakers, and analysts who conduct, plan, advise, monitor, and/or teach air and missile warfare.
It is relevant to all military branches and military staff, as well as to civilian professionals working in the airand space sector.

Renseignements sur les frais

1500 CHF The GCSP reserves the right to modify the programme dates, location and fee at any time. Alumni qualify for a 20% discount. A limited number of partial tuition waivers and scholarships may be available.

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Please register via this link, your application will be reviewed and the course coordination team will be in touch with you regarding your application as soon as possible.