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Fully-funded Rotary Peace Fellowship - call for applications

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The spike in regional and local conflicts around the globe has boosted the need for peace and development leaders skilled in building positive social change. The fully funded Rotary Peace Fellowship, which covers tuition and living expenses, increases the capacity of existing leaders to prevent and resolve conflict through academic training, field experience, and professional networking.

Up to 130 fellows are selected every year in a globally competitive process based on personal, academic, and professional achievements. Fellows earn either a master’s degree or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies at one of the Rotary Peace Centers, located within eight leading universities around the world. More than 1300 program alumni are working in over 115 countries as leaders in national governments, NGOs, social enterprises, the military, law enforcement, and international organizations such as the United Nations.

Master’s degree

▪ 15-24 month program, small-group classroom learning, in fields related to peace and development

▪ Intended for leaders near the start of their careers

▪ 50 fellows selected annually to study at one of five Rotary Peace Centers at partner universities, which offer interdisciplinary curricula with research-informed teaching

▪ 2-3 month field study experience to develop practical skills

▪ Fellows connect with an international cohort of fellows, thought leaders, and a global network of Rotarians

Professional development certificate

▪ Yearlong program that blends online learning, in-person classes, and an independent project, based at a Rotary Peace Center in Thailand or Uganda

▪ Intended for social change leaders with extensive experience working in peace-related fields

▪ 80 fellows selected annually to earn a certificate in peace and development studies

▪ Interdisciplinary program includes a two-week online preliminary course, 10 weeks of on-site courses with field studies, a nine-month period during which fellows implement a social change initiative (with interactive online sessions), and an on-site capstone seminar.

Eligibility: Take the eligibility quiz.

Qualified candidates must:

▪ Have three years of related work experience for the master’s program

▪ Have five years of related work experience for the certificate program and be able to explain how their plan to promote peace aligns with Rotary’s mission

▪ Be proficient in English ▪ Have a bachelor’s degree

▪ Demonstrate leadership skills

▪ Have a strong commitment to cross-cultural understanding and peace

The 2021-22 academic term deadline is 31 May 2020.

If you know someone who might be a good candidate for this fellowship, please submit a referral form with their name and email address. We’ll contact them with information on how to apply. Thank you for supporting our program.

Please contact us at with questions.

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