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OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting - Personal Field Security Training (PFST / HEAT) - Paris/France 17, 18, 19 November

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OTHER SOLUTIONS will be running a new Personal Field Security Training (PFST) in Paris/France in November 17, 18, 19 2020.

A team of 4 experienced trainers and practitioners (male & female) will deliver this certified 3-day course where participants will share, learn and practice tools and measures to improve their personal security when traveling or operating during a mission with the aid and development sector. A realistic scenario is run through the course and will take participants to situations (simulations and case studies) where they will have to apply what they have learnt and more.

This is a fully residential immersive course.

For the price, count 845 € depending on your organisation that might have a global agreement with OTHER SOLUTIONS

Subjects Included (not limited to)

  • Personal security
  • Demonstrations
  • Abduction / Hostage Situations and survival
  • Ammunition & Weapon Awareness
  • Mines / IEDs / UXOs Awareness
  • Emergency First Aid within the context of a field mission
  • Security in premises
  • Threat and vulnerability
  • Radio, Field and Emergency communications
  • Stress, Stress management and Well being
  • Sexual aggressions
  • Vehicles and travel security
  • Dealing with checkpoints
  • Evacuation/relocation planning and procedures
  • Dealing with Aggression

Several topics are discussed as cross cutting issues, such as image and perception, gender and security, Field Safety Skills, Conflict Management, or Cultural considerations.

Our trainings focus on learners. Their appropriation of teaching materials increases significantly when:

  • They have a voice in the way training takes place;
  • Their experience is highlighted and valued as part of their humanitarian commitment;
  • The sessions are accompanied by practical application as part of the training;
  • The training provides good listening to give the best answer to specific questions asked from participants.

Creating a safe learning environment for the participants is our priority. All participants are proposed to share confidentially any restriction or previous experience they wish to communicate with the trainers. This will allow the training team to adjust the course to specific needs. Trainers are trained on defusing and emotional debriefing to take care of anyone if needed.


· A great opportunity to learn, share and practice with competent and experienced trainers as well as with a group of other participants from the sector;

· A certificate on Personal Field Security Training from Highfield (UK)

· A certificate on First aid (Primary and Security Care with AED) – valid for 3 years and accredited by Emergency First Response (UK)

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