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MSc Humanitarian Health Programme Management

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3 good reasons to study

  1. It is the longest established humanitarian studies programme in the UK, preparing you for many aspects of careers in the fields of humanitarian and development work. You will choose from a wide number of modules including media and advocacy, health in emergencies, logistics and water and sanitation.
  2. It offers a wonderful and unique opportunity to do reserach for your dissertation abroad whilst working with key organisations in the field to provide career experience.
  3. LSTM is filled with students from all over the world that you can learn with and from, offering the chance of new international friendships, as well as networking opportunities with staff and NGO's.

Programme Outline

The programme investigates current approaches to humanitarian health programme management and identifies and develops models of good practice. Opportunities for in-depth study include regional and country case studies and a choice of modules addressing specific aspects of humanitarian interventions. In addition, the programme offers participants an opportunity to develop and undertake a research project, usually overseas, in an area of special interest indicated by client Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), International Organisations (IOs) or National Ministries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the political and economic determinants of health and well-being in humanitarian emergencies and review critically the evolution of and current debate on approaches to sustainable development
  • Provide participants with the practical skills and confidence required to manage the financial aspects of humanitarian programmes, to maximise their efficiency, effectiveness and accountability
  • Provide an interdisciplinary forum in which participants from a variety of professional backgrounds (e.g. health, political and social sciences, engineering, agriculture, development, international humanitarian law, human rights, administration and media) can review critically and debate key issues of mutual interest
  • Give participants an opportunity to conduct an independent in-depth research study of a specialist aspect of humanitarian interventions in the field
  • Produce graduates who are experienced, committed, informed, proactive and effective professionals, capable of taking substantial and leading professional roles in managing humanitarian interventions
  • Facilitate high quality learning that is informed by critical analysis of current research
  • Develop independent and reflective approaches to study that will enable graduates to continue to learn in the future

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Home / EU - £9,000 tuition fee only Overseas - £18,000 tuition fee only

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