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E-learning course: the visible hand – the many facets of social health protection financing

Univ. Heidelberg
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Content Overview
The course is organized in four main modules. It gives very comprehensive overview on the role of economics in dealing with scarce resource and fair allocation of goods and services in health care.

The course provides an introduction into measuring the flow of funds in a health system through different forms of health care financing arrangements. It discusses why health care should not be left to the market allocation mechanism and why government might intervene.

The course reflects on uncertainty both with regard to accident or disease and the effectiveness of treatment and what this means for financing health care. Health insurance theory and in particularly moral hazard and adverse selection are discussed. The major forms of financing health care are reviewed, including the role of private health insurance. One module reflects on Universal Health Coverage and the need for a moral basis when justifying large-scale government intervention.

The course looks at many practical aspects that need to be considered when setting up a health purchasing organisation.

Main Topics
Module 1: Illness, economics and the financing of health care
Module 2: Justice and Efficiency
Module 3: Uncertainty and health insurance
Module 4: Putting theory into practice: some elements of a health purchasing organisation

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