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Seed System Security Assessment & Response

Seed System
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This e-Learning course walks participants through the Seed System Security Assessment (SSSA) process + tools and then focuses on targeted responses.

The aims are:
· Build skills to conduct a Seed System Security Assessment (SSSA)
· Guide choice toward effective seed security response—
· Reinforce capacity to strengthen all seed systems smallholder farmers use, in disaster and chronic stress contexts

The 8 modules (in total: 3 hours and 25 minutes) are highly interactive: participants explore how to: collect key data, decide if farming households are stressed (the demand side); and assess if seed markets are adequately functioning (the supply side). Throughout, hands-on exercises and frequent knowledge checks help verify that participant learning is proceeding well.

The course draws field insights from real SSSAs --- conducted in many of the crisis hotspots in the world. One module actually models what happened in three distinct disaster scenarios—presents the evidence—and then has participants reflect on the short- and medium-term response actions required.

While the aim of the e-Learning course is to build basic skills (e.g. how to do an SSSA), it also encourages practical thinking: what information is absolutely needed in a disaster scenario, and how can one link the findings to an effective (and do-able) seed security action plan.

This course is designed for: Senior decision-makers , Program managers and implementation professionals working on seed security issues in disaster and disaster and chronic stress contexts. (

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