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How to Respond like the World Depends on it: The IsraAID Methodology *Webinar

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Understanding the Global Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief Landscape

By: Voni Glick, Co-CEO, IsraAID Global

Navonel “Voni” Glick is Co-Chief Executive Officer at IsraAID global headquarters in Tel Aviv. Voni is responsible for day-to-day leadership and general management of the organization. Previously, Voni served as IsraAID Chief Operating Officer and Programs Director, managing the Tel Aviv headquarters and leading disaster-response missions throughout the globe. Notable missions under Voni’s tenure included: the response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines; the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone; and the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. Prior to his work with IsraAID, Voni led volunteer management and long-term development projects for the ‘Tevel b'Tzedek’ organization. Over the span of four years, while based in Nepal, Voni worked to alleviate poverty for Nepalese communities in both rural and urban environs. In 2016, Voni was awarded the “Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for Spirituality” and was nominated for the annual Forbes “30 Under 30” list.


The inaugural session of the 2019 IHPN distinguished lecture series, this talk will cultivate an understanding of the cutting-edge methodology employed by IsraAID when disaster strikes. Through real-world case studies, participants will learn the challenges faced by global crises, and the principles that enable IsraAID responders to overcome them. Participants will come away with a sobering appreciation for the global humanitarian situation, an insight into IsraAID’s essential work, and a glimpse of crisis-response thinking.

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